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No Regrets: How to Live Today for Tomorrow’s Emotional Well-Being, the final book in Dr. Bill Howatt’s Mental Fitness trilogy. Each book helps employees stop languishing and start flourishing.

Returning to the Workplace with No Regrets

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Uncertainty and change have been constants during the pandemic. More than two years of dealing with COVID-19 has increased stress and strained employees’ mental health. With the start of summer, millions of employees will be taking time off to recharge. In the background, many will be resetting their mindset to a permanent return to the workplace.

One insight from the Great Resignation is many employees are making changes to experience less regret. Returning to the workplace with no regrets will require many to navigate their thoughts and emotions driven by fear and struggling to adapt to an unwanted change in routines. This change can leave employees feeling overwhelmed and disempowered without mental fitness tools, increasing their risk of languishing and mental harm.

Returning to the Workplace with No Regrets will provide employees with tools to navigate unpleasant emotions like regret.

Returning to the Workplace with No Regrets

60 minute talk presented by Dr. Bill Howatt

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$10,750 after August 31, 2022

  • This presentation is grounded in positive psychological evidence based micro skills proven to facilitate flourishing.
  • Evidence-based methods for curbing worry, fear, and stress
  • $6750 includes a virtual speaking fee, permission to record and use the session for 30 days, a program handout, and 300 hard copies of No Regrets.
  • Additional books can be purchased at special bulk pricing.
  • Live, in-person pricing is available upon request.

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