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Dr. Bill Howatt is an international expert in workplace mental health

Dr. Bill Howatt has worked with

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As an international expert in workplace mental health and psychological health and safety, I study and speak about how employers can protect and promote mental health in the workplace.

Many employers are unsure where to start or how to impact workplace mental health. I understand the daily struggle of being human and what it means to face challenges and live with a mental illness.

I believe we can impact how our workplaces function as a first line of defence, starting with:
Guide employers to create psychologically safe workplaces
Facilitate leaders to become psychologically safe leaders
Educate employees to develop their personal psychological protection

I invite you to learn more about my work and my story.
Thank you,
Dr. Bill

Discover the cure for languishing.

Dr. Bill Howatt’s latest book, “No Regrets – How To Live Today For Tomorrow’s Emotional Well-Being,” is available now.

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Returning to the Workplace with No Regrets

This 60 minute talk presented by Dr. Bill Howatt will help your workers ease back into the workplace after an unprecedented 2 years of uncertainty.

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Work with Dr. Bill Howatt


Mental Health is not intuitive; it is a trainable skill.

Dr. Bill offers talks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Mental Health
  • Psychologically Safe Leadership
  • Supporting Workplace Mental Health
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Howatt HR is a Human Resources firm focused on psychological health and safety.

Our purpose is to support employers, leaders, and employees to reduce mental harm and promote mental health in the workplace.

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Move from unpleasant emotions to pleasant emotions by exploring Dr. Bill’s book trilogy.

These books act as levers in the cure to languishing – on the road to flourishing.

Buy them together and share them with your team.

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Reflections and articles from Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill has written for numerous internationally-known publications and has appeared as an expert for renowned media outlets on why mental health in the workplace matters, where employers can start, and how to inspire and support workers and leaders.

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Dr. Bill’s Memo Series

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Read Dr. Bill’s books and learn Howatt Works.

Dr. Bill helps employers unlock workplace behavioral health by finding the right combination of mental fitness protective factors – actions that reduce mental harm and promote mental health.

Isolation? Loneliness?
The Cure For Loneliness - Bill Howatt. Globe & Mail Bestseller List

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Dr. Bill Howatt presents a 5-part model to move you past the rut in your life toward happiness. Buy now!

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No Regrets – How To Live Today For Tomorrow’s Emotional Well-Being,” is available now for pre-order.

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