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Dr. Bill Howatt is an expert on workplace mental health. He has worked in mental health and psychological safety for over 30 years with extensive clinical experience and struggled–and succeeded–with his mental health problems. He has an open, honest, and effective approach to mental health, offering effectively-tailored and commonly-missed solutions to workplace mental health problems.

We often need to read about things from cover to cover to learn them adequately. Dr. Bill has written a trilogy of books on taking control of mental health, getting out of psychological ruts, and being present for growth to help readers grasp these concepts in greater depth. Check out his featured books below.

Dr. Bill has written countless articles and offers consulting and personalized, live talks on these subjects.

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It’s possible to become who you want to be. The first step is deciding who you want to be, and then forming the connections that can get you there.

All human beings have a genetic need to be socially connected, and we benefit from all types of social connections, from informal to formal. Social connections can fall on a wide spectrum, from a simple smile with a stranger at a grocery store to a hug from a relative or close friend. But all social connections, from slight to intimate, help us feel connected to others and are good for mental health. If you want to bake a cake, you require specific ingredients. If you want to bake happiness into your life, you need strong and healthy social connections.

Dr. Bill Howatt offers this step-by-step workbook to help readers move away from isolation and loneliness and build authentic connections. Dr. Bill provides opportunities for reflective check-ins, insight into the benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, practice recommendations, and a road map for discovering and building authentic connections.

He shows you how to unlock your mental trap – negative thoughts, like insomnia, anxiety, and depression, that limit your ability to close social connections gaps.

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What people are saying about ‘The Cure For Loneliness’

Dr. Bill Howatt is brilliant at explaining how our brain works and how we as human beings can unlock the mental traps that contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness. This book is a must-read and a fantastic toolkit for anyone who wants to learn practical steps on how to deal with mental health barriers in order to increase our social connections and happiness.

Mario BarilOmbudsman for Mental Health and Employee Well-Being at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

A must-read for anyone who senses their foundation of close friends and family is shifting under their feet. In my advocacy work on mental health at the political level, I knew change was taking place in our society and that our homes and workplaces were becoming lonelier places. Dr. Bill Howatt’s book confirms this, but more importantly provides a pathway out of loneliness.

Kevin FlynnOntario Minister of Labour, Chair of Ontario’s Select Committee on Mental Health and Addictions

Dr. Bill Howatt offers useful, interesting exercises to assess your level of isolation and loneliness, as well as practical, impactful tips to get out of your mental trap. Not only does this book encourage every one of us to improve our resiliency, it also inspires leaders to support their people and build a psychologically safe workplace.

Renée Légaré, M.Sc., ICD.D, Ph.DExecutive VP & Chief Human Resources Officer, The Ottawa Hospital

Dealing With Loneliness During Self-Isolation

Happiness and well-being are not destinations; they’re an outcome of choices you make, and ways of being and living daily.

There can be times in your life when you’re happy: you’re in love, your children are healthy, and you’re professionally fulfilled. And then there can be times when you’re worrying about whether you’ll be able to get through: your finances have become a burden, your blood pressure is sky high, and your spouse has just left you.

We all experience stresses and failures. The key is developing coping skills that can transform even the worst situation into an opportunity to build resilience – your capacity to deal with and push through different degrees of adversity.

In this book, mental health expert Dr. Bill Howatt presents a five-part model to move you past the rut in your life and toward happiness. He first shows you how to build awareness of each area in your life – career, finances, relationships, physical health, and mental health. Then, he shows you how to take accountability and make healthy changes that will improve your life. Finally, he gives you the tools to build your resilience and take action to achieve your goals. Bill Howatt’s model will help you make choices toward happiness and well-being in a smart way so you can stop hiding and start living.

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What people are saying about ‘Stop Hiding & Start Living’

Dr. Bill Howatt’s book is required reading for anyone who is truly looking for the tools that will help them build a balanced life. Stop Hiding and Start Living will give the reader the skills needed to achieve this balance.

Greg HemmingsAward-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur

Dr. Bill Howatt seamlessly intertwines poignant and evocative personal narrative with a straightforward and pragmatic toolkit. He brings the theoretical to the personal, and takes you on a journey that will inspire honest self-reflection and effect positive change in your life.

Sapna MahajanDirector, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada

Dr. Bill Howatt's passion and commitment to his work is contagious and, with this book, he's providing an extremely practical and actionable approach to getting started on a life-changing journey!

Lynn BrownellPresident and CEO, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

Dr. Bill Howatt has spent decades guiding people toward enhanced happiness and well-being. He knows what works. What’s more, he’s articulate and accessible. Looking for new ways to care for your team? Trying to help someone find their footing? Searching for insights that will reveal new paths on your individual journey? Stop Hiding and Start Living will be a beacon of clarity and inspiration that lights your way.

Greg Wells, Ph.DGEO of Wells Performance Inc. & author of The Ripple Effect

Without learning how to fail, we’ll never truly flourish. This is the crux of Dr. Bill Howatt’s new book, Stop Hiding and Start Living, Part mental health primer, part workbook, Stop Hiding and Start Living lays out the building blocks Dr. Howatt deems foundational to mental wellness, while reframing life’s challenges from pitfalls to stepping stones to growth.

Louise Bradley, C.M.President & CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Dr. Bill Howatt humbly shares his authentic life story–inspiring readers to take ‘tried and true actions’ toward achieving fulfilled and happy lives. Stop Hiding and Start Living is an honest and direct book of instruction on how to thrive in life.

Allan J StordyPresident and CEO, Arete HR Inc.

Stop Hiding and Start Living: How to Say F-it to Fear and Develop Mental Fitness