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A program designed to jump start workers’ and leaders’ knowledge, skills, and habits to enhance their resiliency.

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This program is designed to jump start workers’ and leaders’ knowledge, skills, and habits to enhance their resiliency.

RESILIENCY is not intuitive, it is a trainable skill. Corey Keyes’ ground-breaking research on mental health found workers who are flourishing (i.e., feeling good) compared to languishing (i.e., feeling blah) are on average much healthier, less at risk for mental harm or mental illness, are more engaged and productive.

Standalone workshops are excellent for providing workers with AWARENESS. However, without follow-up there is a lower probability for habit development because of the forgetting curve. This program is designed to help move learners from AWARENESS to ACCOUNTABILITY with the goal of creating daily habits that promote mental (behavioural) health.

This Jump Start solution is focused on engaging workers in the benefit of daily mental fitness. MENTAL FITNESS are the behaviours that facilitate mental (behavioural) health.

This approach is also designed to minimize the forgetting curve by supporting workers with extra learning materials and follow-up sessions.

Make a real impact with sustained learning over a 60-day commitment to drive real change in your organization

Step 1: Unlocking Mental Fitness

Participants will be invited to attend the 75-minute unlocking mental fitness program.

Dr. Bill provides employees clarity on what they can do to positively influence their mental (behavioural) health through unlocking the habit of mental fitness. Mental fitness assists employees in maturing their resiliency which provides additional personal-psychological protection (PPP).

Learning Objectives

  • Discovering what mental health is versus mental illness, and how mental fitness contributes to it.
  • Explore what a mental fitness plan is and its benefits.
  • Uncover how to unlock the habit of mental fitness one decision and behavior at a time.

Learners will be provided a course handout, an Unlocking Mental Fitness self-assessment, and Dr. Howatt’s Mental Fitness trilogy.

Step 2: Pre-recorded Webinars

Participants will gain access to three pre-recorded webinars on Dr. Howatt mental fitness Trilogy.

These pre-recorded sessions can be accessed on demand. They’re designed to support the learner in leveraging each book’s mental fitness tools.

Step 3: Mental Fitness Check-up

45 DAYS after step one learners will be invited back for a 45-minute live virtual session.

Dr. Bill will kick off with a 10-minute story from one of his recent Dr. Bill memos, where he shares his mental fitness journey. Participants will be engaged to ask questions surrounding mental fitness and share their own personal stories.

The purpose of this Check-up is to anchor the concept that mental fitness is a journey, not a destination.


Mental Fitness Jump Start Guide

  • 75mins Unlocking Mental Fitness (virtual)
  • Trilogy E-book Series (200 sets included)*
    Stop Hiding and Start Living, The Cure for Loneliness, No Regrets
  • Three pre-recorded mental fitness webinars on the above books included at no cost**
  • 45mins Mental Fitness Check-up (virtual)


$18,999 + Applicable Tax

*More sets can be purchased
**These three pre-recorded webinars retail for $7,500
Email: for more information

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